The people of Derik protest against Turkish shelling on Başûr Kurdistan

Under the slogan "No to the Turkish occupation to southern Kurdistan and the region of Bradost," Thousands of people from the area of ​​Derik and its surroundings gathered to denounce the shelling of the Turkish occupation and the silence of the territorial government because of what the region is being exposed to at the border crossing Semalka.

Thousands of people gathered in Derik and Girkê Legê area in front of the Cilaxa and Tal Koçer in the Workers' Square at the crossing of Semelka and headed to the crossing lifting slogans condemning the shelling of the Turkish occupation of civilians and areas of legitimate defense and the silence of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

The demonstrators held pictures of the martyrs and banners reading "No to the Turkish occupation of southern Kurdistan and the region of Bradost," and turned the demonstration into a mass rally to denounce the criminal acts of Turkey.

  After holding a minute of silence, the coordinator of Kongra Star, Perwin Joseph, said "The mountains of Kurdistan have turned into a school of freedom to fighters, we cannot stand silent about what our forces and our regions are exposed to by the fascist Turkish, adding that the mountains of Kurdistan are home to the Kurds and cannot be separated by the Turkish occupation."

Perwin said "the complicity of the territorial government with the Turkish occupation to protect the different personal interests, because the Turkish bombing on Bradost came on the day of the inauguration of Nigervan Barzani, especially his invitation to Turkish officials to attend the inauguration ceremony, a proof of the involvement of the Region's Government, and consolidation of relations with the new government.

For his part, Abdul Rahim Mohammed the co-chair of Derik Region Council paid condolences to all the families of the martyrs and the areas of Başûr Kurdistan who were martyred in the barbaric Turkish bombardment of Bradost and Khakurk, pledging to escalate the struggle against all the enemies of the Kurdish people.

"The Turkish state is known for its bloody history against all the peoples of the region and for its massacres against the Christians, the Kurdish people and all the peace-loving people, and the best example is demographic change." he said.

"The Turkish occupation committed the most terrible crimes and massacres against the Kurdish revolutions, which demanded their legitimate right, so the Turkish state knows only the language of weapons."

He appealed to all "peace-loving and eager people for freedom to carry arms and stand against the fascism of Turkey, and appealed to the people of Başûr Kurdistan and the youth organizations to escalate the struggle against the fascist Turkish state's practices against Kurdistan."

The demonstration ended amid the trills of mothers and slogans denouncing Turkish violations and silence over the Turkish bombing of the mountains of Kurdistan and Bradust.


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