The secret Russian-Turkish patrol ends its tour

The sixth secret patrol ended for fear of the reactions of the people between the Russian forces and the Turkish occupation in the district, after they toured the western villages of the district.

The sixth joint patrol between the Turkish occupation forces and the Russian forces started this morning from Sherik village, about 15 km west of Ad-Darbasiyah.

The patrol toured the western and northern villages of Ad-Darbasiyah, namely the villages of "Perkins, Taalak, Karkand, Sibirka, Berkefri, Tel Kemper and Tel Kedish" and ended in Qaramani village.

Two Russian helicopters flew alongside the joint patrol.

During the tour, villagers received Turkish armored vehicles with stones and worn shoes in the village of Tel Kedish.

After the end of the Russian-Turkish patrol, the Turkish armored vehicles returned to the Turkish territory from the village of Qaramani in Ad-Darbasiyah area.




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