The strikers' resistance continues, leyla's enters 183rd day

The Parliamentarian of the Democratic Peoples' Party and the co-chair of the Democratic Community Conference Leyla Guven continued her hunger strike on the 183rd day non-stopo, demanding an end to the isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. While 15 detainees continue hunger strike to death 10 days ago.

Leyla Guven began her strike in November 8, 2018. Her strike entered the 183rd day, while the Democratic Peoples' Party (HDP) member Nasser Yagiz in the city of Hewler is on the 170th day. 14 activists in the French city of Strasbourg and activist Imam Shish in State of Wales are on the 144th day, and in the prisons of Turkey, the detainees have been on hunger strike for 145 days.

Several activists also continue to strike in the cities of Bakur, Başûr Kurdistan and Martyr Rustem Judi camp in protest against the isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

A hunger strike to death

Fifteen political prisoners continue to be held in prisons in Bakirkoy in Istanbul, Gebze in Kocaelî, Wan and Amed, and have been on hunger strike for 10 days. The detainees who announced the hunger strike to death were Nesrîn Akgul, Şukran Aydin, Zozan Çîçek. Li Girtîgeha Jinan a Gebzeyê; Ardil Çeşme, Asli Dogan in Gebse Prison for Women. Ahmet Anigi, Ozhan Ceyhan, Vedat Ozagar, Îhsan Bulut, Erol Çelîk in Wan prison; Engîn Akhan, Enver Durmaz, Ahmet Topkaya, A. Haluk Kaplan û Ferhat Turgay in Amed Prison.

Commando operations to protest isolation

A number of hunger strikers carried out guerrilla operations in protest against the isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, Aytan Bajat, March 23 in Gebze prison, Zahra Saglam on March 24 in Koltoy prison, Media Janar in 25 prisons in Merdin prison. In Shokran Women's Prison Yonca Akici, carried out a guerrilla operation in March 29 and lost her life in April 1. Siraj Yoksek in 2 April (Asmanun prison) and Mahsum Pamay in 5 April (Xarpêtê prison) carried out commando operations.


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