The Turkish shelling threatens the archaeological sites in Al-Hasakah

The Turkish and its mercenaries bombing of villages west of Tel Tamer district in Hasaka canton threatens the archaeological sites especially Sukkar Al-Ahmar hill dating back to before the discovery of minerals.

Residents of Al-Ahmar village, west of Tel Tamer district in Al-Hasakah canton, where there is an archaeological site known as the “Sukkar Al-Ahmar hill” site, worry that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries will target symbols of their village due to the continuous indiscriminate bombing on the western villages of the district
The archaeological site of "Sukkar Al-Ahmar hill" is located 7 kilometers west of Tal Tamr district near base of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries about 1 km.
The region’s residents worry from previous practices by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries who occupied of Serêkaniyê, Gire Spi and Afrin, where looted its antiquities, and bulldozed archaeological sites in order to obliterate civilization and culture of the region to change it demographically.
Muhannad Ibrahim, a resident of the village of Sukkar Al-Ahmar, and a former employee for 10 years with the Japanese mission, quoted the Japanese excavating mission as saying that the ancient hill dates back to a time before discovery of minerals, and its Historical monuments will  change history, after confirmation of its origins and era.
According to Ibrahim, the missions found important antiquities such as clay doll that illustrate the history of the region in the Al-Hasakah City Museum, and many large pottery jars.
The residents of Sukkar Al-Ahmar village are increasingly concerned about the site and the village, according to what our correspondent monitored in interviews with the residents, as a result of the bombing of the nearby villages, one of which is the village of Tal Karabet, which is only 100 meters away from the archaeological hill.

Abdul Aziz Al-Khidr, a resident of the village, confirms that the hill of the village and its archaeological site, which dates back, according to his description, to 10 thousand years BC, is threatened by the Turkish shelling on villages of the western Tel Tamer district.
The citizen Muhannad Ibrahim also confirmed these concerns, by saying, "We are now close to the contact lines its more than 1 kilometer away, the villages near to us are always targeted, especially the village of Tel Karabet, we are afraid of destruction the region's civilization .
Despite the indiscriminate shelling on the region , the last of which was yesterday evening, habitants of the village refuse to leave it in a sign from them to continue clinging to their land.

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