They organize their lives according to their circumstances

The people of the villages of the district of Sherawa, adjacent to the areas of the Turkish occupation run their lives in accordance with the circumstances they are going through of the shelling and attacks, and they confirm that they will not let the Turkish occupation to seize their villages

The villages of Bênê, Aqîbê Soxonekê, Burj Qas, Kalûtê, Meyasê, Zirniîte, Başemra and Gundê Mezin are repeatedly shelled by the Turkish occupation from the occupied areas, causing human and material damage, and the parents cannot take care of their crops or harvest.

Mohammed Ghubari, a resident from Bênê village said their villages had been being shelled for more than a year. He said, "We have responded to the stone-throwing attacks at the beginning of Rojava revolution, and we have not left our village alone."

The citizen Khadija Ghubari from the village of Bênê said, "We are the original people of the village and no matter how things are difficult, we will not leave our village for the mercenaries and the Turkish occupation, and we know how to protect ourselves from them."

For his part, the citizen Imad Mohammed from the village of Soxonekê, which is exposed to the brutal practices of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries most of the time said, "They burned all our crops and trees, they also shell the village from time to time, and thus we suffer from occupation's violations, which also targets our living, so we cannot reach our lands."

Before our agency conducted a meeting with him, Imad Mohammed said that his house was located in the eastern part of the village, away from the center of the village, and he said that a shell landed in his house's garden and added, "If it exploded, my wife and one of my children would lose their lives, but that will not be a reason to get out of our village."



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