They seized his house and expelled him from Afrin.

They seized his house in front of his eyes, tortured his neighbors in a "brutal" way, could not go out and buy medicine for his illness from pharmacies for fear of kidnapping, this is what the citizen (M,A) lived during his stay in Afrin occupied by Turkey.

Turkey and its mercenaries having occupied Afrin province on March 18, 2018. Since that time they have been committing abuses against the Afrin residents. The occupation kidnapped and tortured thousands of Kurdish civilians, uprooting thousands of trees and burning nature. Residents are forced to leave their homes and property at the mercy of the occupier as a result of ongoing violations.

A citizen who came out recently from Afrin and narrated us his story with the Turkish occupation, describing unthinkable destruction and atrocities there.

The citizen (MA), who refused to reveal his ID and the name of his village in order to preserve the safety of his family in Afrin, said that the Turkish occupation on the first day of the occupation brought men and women separately in the village mosque, they searched for hours and then returned the phones to us and left us, on the second day they began to search the houses."

Closing the roads and preventing them from going out

He added: "After a period they closed all the roads in the village." This led to a deterioration in the living conditions of the people. The situation was more like a prison. After a month they opened the road in rough terrain, we were very fearing from our movements because they were searching our phones. When we talk to someone on social networking sites we delete all conversations, because mercenaries were waiting for an opportunity to arrest and torture us.

Many citizens their fate is still anonymous till now 

He pointed out that the occupation had kidnapped a whole family from the village and no one could know where they were. "Their fate is still unknown, they Kidnapped the citizens Rukin Mala Mohammed and her husband Kawa Omar for nearly a year now and their fate is still unknown, and citizenship Roshan Amoni as well, "and stressed that dozens of such fate unknown.

Seizing his home and expelled from it

The citizen (M,A) said in his speech, "they had received information that I am living alone in the house and my children in the city of Aleppo, one day I was at my brother's house. One of them told me that the mercenaries had entered into my house. I ran to him and found them in my house. I told them that it is mine. They said that the house was strategically located and we would take it.

The goal is to change the demographics

At the end of his speech, the citizen said that the occupation is directly targeting their presence in Afrin, in order to make a demographic change in Afrin. The Turkish occupation is very happy to hear that one of the Kurdish citizens left of the Afrin city. The occupation humiliates the residents and takes their properties under pressure to get them out of Afrin. "He said.



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