​​​​​​​They took advantage of curfew to achieve self-sufficiency 

The Afrini displaced took advantage of the curfew to grow seedlings in homes and achieve the self-sufficiency.

Under the imposed curfew on the northeast of Syria to curb the coronavirus spread in the region and as a precautionary step, Afrini displaced and Al Shahba residents took advantage of it by growing vegetables to achieve their self-sufficiency.

Small spaces in homes are planted with various types of vegetables and crops such as beans, peppers, tomatoes, lady's finger, lettuce, garlic, etc...

"Since imposing the curfew, we seized the opportunity to grow seedlings and use the nearby wells water or the water that we buy every three days for irrigation, in addition to using fertilizer and taking care of crops ," Zaloukh Waqas, a resident of Babans village in Ahdath district.

"We have planted many types of vegetables (garlic, onions, lettuce, beans ). These crops provide for the need of the house, especially during the period of curfews and high prices in the markets," Kavit Mohammed, a resident of Rajo said.




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