'This victory is victory over all parties supporting Daesh'

The Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party congratulated the victory of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on Daesh. It said, "This victory does not mean victory over Daesh only, but all the parties that supported it, especially Turkey," during statement.


The text of the statement:

After years of darkness, ignorance, murder, exile, destruction and everything against human, moral and religious values, the black banner of Daesh in the north and east of Syria has disappeared after it was flying over many areas in an attempt to establish a barbaric, ignoring and bloody caliphate that has no mercy towards children, old people or women for this vanishing to be a declaration of the victory of humanity over barbarism and a declaration of the triumph of the values of democracy, freedom, peaceful co-existence, brotherhood of peoples and religions on the concepts of tyranny, coercion, discrimination and hostility of peoples and religions.

Today, the entire north and east lands of Syria are once again decorated in beautiful yellow, eradicating the blackness that has dominated them for years, every day of which was a month for those who were breathing excessive injustice and ignorance applied under the blackness which received great support from Erdogan's obscurantic government, specifically in an attempt to eliminate the democratic project that united all the components of the region in order to succeed it, push it forward and take a substitute for the tyranny that made the people of Syria and its components exhausted.

The victory achieved by SDF with all their factions, headed by the People's and Women's Protection Units with the support of the US-led International Coalition is not only a victory over a terrorist organization that has caused corruption, but a victory on the various parties that were betting on this organization and supporting it in secret and public in various types and forms of support, and at the forefront of these parties is Turkey which whenever the organization used to receive a new defeat at the hands of the heroes of SDF, its president, Erdogan, would issue new statements threatening our forces and accusing them of "terrorism", trying to give chance to his terrorist arm (Daesh).

We in the Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party congratulate the Syrian Democratic Forces, led by the People's and Women's Protection Units, as well as the International Coalition on this great victory. We also congratulate all the components of north-east Syria and the various peoples in Syria as the terrorist organization was not a danger to a particular region but to the whole world. We call upon the glory and immortality for all the righteous martyrs who have sacrificed their lives in order to remove this plague which was called Daesh, and save the world from its crimes and evils, which humanity had never seen before.







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