Thousands of HPC demonstrated against Turkish occupation

Thousands of members of the Society Protection Forces(HPC) demonstrated at the border strip in the town of Serekaniye of al-Hasakah canton to denounce Turkish threats to areas of northeastern Syria.

As the Turkish state continues to threaten an attack to occupy northern and eastern Syria, activities continue throughout northern and eastern cities and towns to denounce threats and to emphasize supporting SDF.

Thousands of members of the Society Protection Forces(HPC) in al-Hasakah canton demonstrated today from the roundabout of Serekaniye District Council to the human shields tent on the border strip west of the city chanting the slogans that salute the resistance of the SDF and emphasize the support of the Society Protection Forces of the sons of northern and eastern Syria against the Turkish occupation.

Several speeches were delivered which confirmed that the area that Turkey is talking about is really safe, this area has received hundreds of displaced people and refugees from all over Syria

Moreover, the activity ended with chanting slogans condemning the Turkish occupation.



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