​​​​​​​Thousands of Qamishlo Canton' people stand in solidarity with Janders people

The people of Qamishlo Canton, during two mass demonstrations, condemned the heinous massacre that was committed against 4 citizens of the occupied Janders, and affirmed, "We will stand in solidarity and support the people of Janders until the liberation of occupied Afrin."

Under the slogan "With the spirit of resistance of the Afrin people, we will defeat the occupation and liberate Afrin," the people denounced today during two demonstrations organized in (Qamishlo and Derik); To denounce the Janders massacre, which claimed the lives of 4 citizens, and to demand that the international powers work to fulfill the demands of the people.

The participants raised the flags of the Democratic Union Party, the Afrin Social League, the Future Syria Party and the Democratic Society Movement.

Amid chants of "We will liberate Afrin and defeat the occupation", "Long live the resistance of the people of Afrin", the demonstration roamed the streets of the city.

And they stopped in front of the building of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Al-Siyahi neighborhood in the city of Qamishlo, so that the participants observed a minute of silence in honor of the souls of the martyrs, then the member of the General Council of PYD, Hevi Suleyman, delivered a speech during which she recalls all the martyrs, and saluted the resistance of Afrin.

And she stressed, "Today, with the resistance of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and the resistance of all peoples, we will defeat the fascist regime in Turkey and eliminate the policies of occupation and denial," and stressed, "2023 will be the year of the freedom of the leader Ocalan and the liberation of all occupied regions.

For his part, the representative of the al-Sada clans in Syria and Iraq and member of the General Council of PYD, Hussein al-Sada, confirmed, "The mercenaries who appeared on social media and claimed that they are from the Deir al-Zor region (referring to the perpetrators of the Janders massacre), It is nothing but another failed policy by which Turkey wants to create discord between the components and the people of the same country.

He added, "Deir al-Zor has disavowed these mercenaries, because they serve the Turkish occupation and sold themselves, their homeland, and their humanitarian principles for the sake of money."

After the end of the speeches, a delegation consisting of the co-chair of the Farmers' Union in North and East Syria, Muna Brim, a member of the Afrin Social League, Fatima Muhammad, a member of the General Council of the Democratic Union Party and a representative of the Arab Al-Sada clan in Iraq and Syria, Hussein Al-Sada, delivered the demonstrators' message to the UNHC office in Qamishlo

In Dêrik, the people gathered in front of Dêrik Garage, holding banner that reads, "In the spirit of resistance of the people of Afrin, we will defeat the occupation and liberate Afrin," amid chanting slogans that glorify the martyrs and martyrdom, "the martyrs are alive and do not die" and raising pictures of the martyrs of the Janders massacre.

The co-chair of the Dêrik district council, Muhammad Abd al-Rahim, delivered a speech in which he praised the resistance of the people of Afrin, and said: "The Martyrs of Newroz in Janders recorded a new resistance in the history of the Kurdish people through their resistance."

And he emphasized on the solidarity of the Kurdish people with the resistance of the people of Janders, and stressed the need to escalate the struggle until the liberation of the occupied areas.



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