TJK-E condemns targeting Nagihan Akarsal and calls for urgent events

​​​​​​​Kurdistan Women's Movement - Europe (TJK-E) condemned the targeting of Nagihan Akarsal, editor of JINEOLOJI magazine in Sulaymaniyah, and called for the start of urgent activities and defending the slogan "Women, Life, Free."

The activist, academic and editor of JINEOLOJI and member of the JINEOLOJI Center, Nagihan Akarsal was martyred in Bakhtiar neighborhood in the city of Sulaymaniyah after being shot. In this context, the Kurdistan Women’s Movement-Europe issued a written statement to the public opinion, and the movement’s statement stated: "the fascist regime of the Justice and Development Party, the Nationalist Movement Party and the mercenaries of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) brutally murdered the editor of the JINEOLOJI magazine, Nagihan Akarsal in Sulaymaniyah, this killing incident, from the Paris massacre to the killing of Shukro Sarhattan, Mohammad Zaki Jalabian, the assassinations are continuing, and we condemn this cowardly attack.”

The statement also stated that the slogan “Woman, Life, Freedom” is repeated daily all over the world. With these three words, the world stands against the oppression of regimes and male rule.

The fascist Turkish state and its partner, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, attacked the women leaders who made this slogan in Sulaymaniyah. They especially attacked the line of women's freedom, the ideological line that lays the foundation for this line and makes it home to all women and humanity, although this attack is part of the concept of the destruction of the Kurdish freedom movement is also an attack on the women’s freedom line, the global struggle for Kurdish women’s freedom and a free life model, and an attack on women’s science.”

It was announced in the statement that Nagihan Akarsal was opening the doors of a new world for women with her writings, and it was said: “In the name of the Kurdish women’s movement in Europe, in this universe of the meaning of Nagihan Akarsal, our anger will remain burning and our resistance will continue, and in order to remember it we will escalate our struggle for women’s freedom.

The statement also called on feminist’s movement, especially Kurdish women, to defend the slogan "Women, Life, Freedom" and to show their denunciation everywhere.

T/ Satt.


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