Tortured... girl loses her life by "Moral Police" in Tehran

 A girl lost her life after she was stopped by the "moral police" responsible for ensuring that women wear the hijab in Tehran, while reports indicate that she was tortured during arrest by the Iranian authorities' police.

 Mahsa Amini, 22, was visiting Tehran with her family when she was stopped on Wednesday by a police unit tasked with enforcing strict dress codes for women, including the requirement to cover their hair with a headscarf.

And the Iranian authorities' police commented on this, Thursday, by saying, "Mahsa Amini was arrested with other women over the dress code."  "She suddenly suffered from a heart problem ... and was immediately taken to hospital," it added.

 "Unfortunately, she died and her body was transferred to the Institute of Forensic Medicine," Iranian state television said on Friday.

 On the other hand, Iranian human rights activist, Masih Alinejad, revealed on Friday that Mahsa had fallen into a coma because she was "severely beaten" after she was arrested by the "moral police."

 "This photo was taken an hour before she was beaten and arrested by the morality police in Iran on charges of poorly wearing the hijab, and she is now in a coma," Masih Alinejad said in a tweet that included a picture of the girl before her arrest.

Today, Saturday, the body of Mahsa Amini was buried in the cemetery of the city of Saqqaz, in a solemn ceremony in which hundreds of people participated.

 According to Firat News Agency, the security forces wanted to bury the body in the early hours of the morning, but their decision was rejected due to the protest of the people, and later in the morning she was buried during a ceremony in her hometown of Saqqaz in Rojhlat (Eastern Kurdistan).



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