Tozo considers Shengal occupation bid striking at Kurds' existence

Co-chair of the Yazidi House in the Jazira Canton, Farouq Tozo, indicated that the plot by the Turkish Occupation Forces to occupy Shengal aims at the Kurdish existence in the region, in a mass and an overall to liquidation of all ancient components in the Middle East.    

In the course of history, Yazidis underwent many massacres and genocides ''Firmans'' that aimed to liquidate them, mostly by Ottomans, ancestors of the Turks, that committed at least 101 massacres and genocides, as it was documented by historians.   

In the 20th century, Yazidis were displaced and deported by the Union and Progress Committee in line with the Armenian Genocide and Assyrian massacres in 1915, the last of which was carried out in 1918, headed by Ibraheem Pasha al-Qerenci.

In 2014, Yazidis were attacked by ISIS mercenary groups as a continuation to the bloody legacy of the Ottomans, and latest threats made by Erdogan all discharge into the same policy that reveals the actual reality of Turkey.

Co-chair of the Yazidi House in the Jazira Canton, Farouq Tozo, says that the hostile policy adopted against Yazidis never stopped from the times of the Ottomans Turks, for they perceive Yasidis as dangerous, as we are from the indigenous Kurds for this they target us not only in Shengal, rather everywhere. 

Tozo indicated that the Ottomans carried out a special policy to destroy the Kurdish society from inside, to foment sedition and dispute between the Yazidi Kurds and other non-Muslim Kurds, adding that Ottomans were ''giving command of the Firmans against Yazidis to Muslim Kurds as leaders that damaged the Kurds immeasurably, that created a state of resentment between Yazids and other Kurds, for the process was covered religiously''.  

Yazidis underwent at least to 161 firmans in addition to enforced displacement and 15 official fetwas inciting killing, according to scholars.   

Regarding the purpose by Turkey to occupy Shengal and all crimes carried out against Yazidis, Tozo says that '' going back to the time when ISIS was first formed, they were all backed and channeled by Turkey, for it aims as a hostile power to erase and eradicate history of the region, defacing it as it appeases it policies, as all historical sites were deformed such as Palmyra, Mosul, and it's famous museum, and Shengal of the great history''.   

''Shengal represents the indigenous Kurdish culture, and the Kurdish folklore, as the Mountain has a strategic location, shelling by Turkey of Ain Dara in 2918 and it's bids to eradicate the history is a hard proof, Turkey and Ottomans are marked by blood, the history that they created'', Tozo said.

''Turkey bids to put an end to all ancient and deeply rooted cultures in the region not only Yazidis, rather Circassians, Armenians, Assyrians and even Turkmen were all targeted, the last attacks carried out against Yazidis caught attention that led to search into the history of such attacks and threats'' Tozo added.   

''since ISIS was unable to destroy the Kurdish culture, Turkey spares no efforts to do that, but it deemed to fail, whenever we are alive'', he said.

Tozo touched upon history saying '' all components gave assistance to each other, for instance the Yazidi leader Hamu Sheru in Shenagl refused to hand over Armenians that took refuge in Shengal fleeing Ottomans, that led to mobilization of Ottoman troops against the mountain, and passing a death sentence on Sheru''. 

Hamu Sheru give protection and refuge to more than 200 Christian families and 1000 Armenian ones in the period of Ottomans. 

''Ottomans used to strike at the big Yazidi clans that were powerful in Kurdistan, due to perception that such clans pose danger to the Ottoman schemes, such as the Welati Xalta Yasidis that were repressed by the Ottoman soldiers.

''More than 365 Yazidi villages were inhabited by the Xaltas in Bakur Kurdistan that were attacked and demolished between 1915 and 1916, as those villages never adopted their policies the Turkish danger is not something new, it goes very far away into history'', the creation of military bases in Ba'shiqa apart from strategy, Ba'shiqa was home to great of Yazidi intellectuals, all this deranges Turkey, Tozo said.

On January 22nd, 2021 Turkish President Receb Tayyip Erdogan made known his intention of occupying both Derik of Rojava and Shengal of Basur, to which Tozo replied that it all due to the status in Shengal of self-governance and self-administration, but the situation in Shengal is very different to the one prior to the ISIS offensive. 

''civil and military associations were formed by the Yazidis in Shengal, they are very active on the diplomatic arena, they just ought to be one unit, Tozo concluded. 



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