Tragic conditions experienced by Afrin citizens after Turkish occupation

The citizens (J.M) indicated that the mercenaries looted the property of the villagers, and kidnapped women from the village, and tortured them, noting that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries brought families from Hama, Homs, Ghouta and Idlib, and resettled them in the village.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have used the most heinous methods of violence against the people of Afrin Canton since its occupation on March 18, 2018, and aim to change the demographic of the area and empty the area of its indigenous population.

After the Turkish occupation of Afrin Canton, women were deprived of all the rights they had before the occupation.

Like other wars, women were the first victims, subjected to direct violence, murder, rape and abduction.

The mother(J.M), after the occupation of Afrin Canton, stayed under the oppression of the Turkish occupation for a year and four months, came out of her village, which refused to mention her name for the safety of her family members living there, to escape the oppression of the mercenaries of the occupation, to go to Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo City.

The citizen (J.M) briefed Hawar News Agency about some of the events that were taking place in her village by the Turkish occupation saying: "After the occupation of the village, the mercenaries dispersed the women from the men and gathered us in the village square. Then, they investigated the villagers and sent us back to our homes."

"After several days, the mercenaries looted and stole our property, especially those of the people who left the village. They also settled settlers from the cities of Hama, Homs and Ghouta, and recently started to house families from Idlib in the houses of the people," (J.M) said.

They kidnapped 4 women from the village

Regarding the kidnappings she witnessed, she said that the mercenaries had abducted four women from her village and tortured them for 20 days, "one of whom remained for 60 days under torture.

The mercenaries uprooted the fingernails of a woman, and when she was released, she was like a dead body and, they would not have released her if the family had not paid money.

 (J.M) said that the practices of mercenaries target everyone , adding that "the only shop that was a source of livelihood for us was looted by the mercenaries who expelled the shop owner and his family from it."

She added in the same context, "the mercenaries took over the agricultural seasons belonging to the people, indicating that the mercenaries had issued special identities, known as "the Civil Registry".

The citizen (J.M) concluded by saying, "the enemy will not become a friend no matter what he does.وandded in the same context, ed.r ez-Zor and its mercenaries.ll them one day."



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