Transitional forces control Azan; arrests continue in Aden

Local sources said that the forces of the Southern Transitional Council entered at dawn on Monday to the province of Shabwa, and took control of the city of Azan, the second largest city after the provincial capital Ataq, while arrests continue in Aden.

Local sources told Al-Arabiya that forces belonging to the Southern Transitional Council entered Shabwa governorate and took control of the city of Azan.

In Aden, the Transitional Council's security belt forces continued raids, house raids and arrests.

Local sources reported that the security belt forces raided the house of journalist and blogger Mohammed Ali Said al-Maisari, Directorate of Brega, west of Aden, and kidnapped him to an unknown destination where the security belt forces opened fire during the process of storming the house, killing a member of the family of al-Maisari.

They also raided the house of "Ali Said Abish," a resident of the city of Aden, and shot at the house, killing his son, Jalal, 10 years old.

The abuses in Aden came after the Transitional Council forces regained control of many areas of government forces, following violent clashes last week.

The Yemeni government held an extraordinary meeting last Saturday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Moin Abdul Malik, to discuss the current developments in Aden and the steps to be taken by the government supported by the Arab coalition, amid calls for the need of dialogue.

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