Tricks of the fascist Turkish state through NATO -  KHALIL JAMAL 

 The NATO summit meeting was held in the Spanish capital, Madrid, on the 28-30 of last June.  It was attended by a group of countries other than the 30 members of NATO;  Such as Austria, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, South Cyprus and Georgia, which is known as the "Pacific-Asia Square", in addition to the delegations of Sweden and Finland, which applied for membership in NATO, ie in the presence of a total of 14 other non-member countries.  Following the meeting, which was attended by representatives of 44 countries, the "NATO Strategic Concept Document" was announced.

 The NATO Strategic Concept Document was last approved in 2010. This document contained a request from Russia, declared an enemy of a "true strategic partnership".  The document stated that “the cooperation between NATO and Russia is of strategic importance, as it supports the formation of a zone of peace, security and stability. The “risk of consensual attack is low.” The new document indicates that Russia is the largest direct threat to security.  A separate meeting was also held to discuss the most widespread agenda, which is the topic of the request of both Sweden and Finland to join NATO.

Memorandum of the genocide against the Kurds at the NATO meeting

 As a result of this meeting, Sweden, Finland and the Turkish state each signed a memorandum of ten items.  Regardless of the first, second, and tenth clauses, the other clauses are secret and related to the Kurds.

 Even after the Finnish and Swedish officials made a statement about those secret articles that speak privately or openly about anti-Kurdishness, they did not cancel the reality of this hostility.  In this note;  Sweden and Finland announced their approval of NATO's policy of extermination towards the Kurds.

 They made NATO and America the two largest active powers in the world

 The other major issue in the meeting was to make America and NATO the two largest active powers in the world.  This situation was announced after the meeting that adopted the "Strategic Concept Document".  Russia and China have been identified as strategic enemies.  The decision was made to significantly increase US military power in Europe.  Allied member states have also almost unanimously agreed to use the offensive and defense system, which Russia has repeatedly called our "red line."  That is, as NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said during a statement he made at the beginning of the week;  For the plan to transform the Alliance's response force, we will increase the number of rapid response forces from 40,000 to 300,000.  In this case, it can be said that the military union has put its stamp on this meeting.  The meeting was concluded by French President Emmanuel Macron, who diagnosed NATO in 2019 with "brain death", directing the expansion and consolidation of the main enemy and claiming the largest active force.

The third world war has moved to a new stage

 In fact, the "Atlantic-Asia Square" who attended the meeting, demonstrated the extension of NATO's borders.  In this box, the insistence of encircling China was revealed.  Also, apart from the member states of the alliance, the presence of Georgia also poses a threat to Russia.  At this meeting and at its conclusion, this document was announced;  Declaring an army stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific against Russia, China and their supporters.  That is, they moved to a new stage in the Third World War.  Therefore;  The NATO outputs document rings the bell of a violent war.  Jens Stoltenberg, as the spokesman for NATO and the military union, rings the bell of war against security and totalitarianism with the rhetoric of democracy.

 This is what resulted from the meeting of NATO at the general global level, and what is important to us is the situation that appears to be related to the Kurds, but is in fact a message to the continuation of the crimes of the fascist Turkish state.

 Before the NATO meeting discussions on Sweden and Finland began, the crimes of the fascist Turkish state were on the agendas around the world.  The Turkish state was on the agenda with its role in war crimes, human rights violations, its support for mercenaries, its relations with ISIS, human trafficking, corruption and the crimes it perpetrated against the Kurds in particular.  The issues that emerged after the occupation of Serêkaniyê and Girê Spi, such as imposing an arms embargo and banning the F-35 and F-16 warplanes used by America against the Turkish state, could have been put on the agenda of the NATO meeting as well.

Turkish State Crimes Investigation Meeting

 The agenda changed with discussions of Sweden and Finland membership issues.  If we talk about the gains of the fascist leader Erdogan in terms of changing the agenda.  It can be said that he obtained approval once again on the issue of the genocide of the Kurds and the commission of war crimes.

 Basically, the issue of the Turkish state's policy towards the Kurds has not changed during the 70 years of NATO membership.  All the crimes it commits against the Kurds and the democratic opposition are taking place with the permission and encouragement of NATO.  And all the private war establishments, the anti-Guerilla organizations and other devices like the Gladio are an invention of NATO.  After translating the contents of the Dolmabahce Agreement, if the genocidal attacks launched in the context of NATO are not explained, it will create a wrong situation.  Before the fascist leader Erdogan became prime minister;  While responding to journalists in Spain, he spoke about his relationship with US President Bush.  This indicates that Erdogan's Justice and Development Party is an American project or a NATO project.

 That is why the NATO meeting assumed the task of cleaning up the crimes of the fascist Turkish state.  It was decided not only in this meeting to continue the attacks on Başûr and northern Syria;  But for the whole Kurdish people.  There is no other meaning to lift the ban but this.

The fascist Turkish army and its mercenaries, defeated by the guerrillas, seek to besiege the guerrillas with new weapons to become an effective force of war.  In this case, the NATO meeting found it necessary to extend its hand to fascism, which reached a state of helplessness in front of the Kurds and their defensive forces.  In other words, the NATO meeting wants the presence of a military force on the eastern borders of the alliance to preserve its interests.  Of course, this force will not only be against the Kurds, but also against Iran and Russia.

 A fascist Turkish state that seeks to further revitalize hostility toward the Kurds in NATO will identify Russia as the main enemy and pressure them to take a stand against it.  It seems that by purchasing the F-16, modernizing them, and taking a stand against Russia, it will improve the state of the support they provide to the Kurds together.

 At its last meeting, NATO indicated its hostility to peoples for the interests of the military union.  Regarding this situation, the position of the Member States on the one hand, the countries that participated in the meeting, and the international democratic public opinion indicate that the implementation of these resolutions will create many problems.  Swedish and Finnish public opinion and opposition parties expressed indignant reactions from day one.  These reactions will put those who made this decision under great pressure.

 Everyone in Kurdistan and the Middle East is preparing for war

 With these decisions, the powers that are considered enemies will make strategic decisions and develop tactics, activities, and organizations against them.  This indicates the expansion of the Third World War, which was taking place on a regional scale until now.  Therefore, the entire Middle East and Kurdistan, especially northern and eastern Syria, must prepare for greater wars.  The position of the peoples is clear in such a war.  Its main alliances are also known.

 The results of the first and second world wars were catastrophic.  This third world war that will turn into a hot war and will lead to irreversible consequences for the future of the world.  To prevent such consequences, the struggle of the Peace Army must be strengthened throughout the world, and all peoples, led by the Arabs, the Kurds, and all the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, must be prepared.  To counter the attacks of the fascist Turkish state.  We must not forget that he who trusts in his self-defense, who stands by his chief allies and forms the necessary alliances in the right place and date, will always triumph.  Basically, it is only on this basis that fascism and freedom can be defeated.  The possibility of achieving this is now greater than ever.