Trump informs Congress his crucial agreement to keep troops in Syria

The US President Donald Trump sent a letter to the members of the Congress confirming his 100 percent approval for keeping the troops in Syria.


On Wednesday morning, the International press touched upon Trump's acceptance to keep his forces in Syria.

Trump to Congress: I 100% agree to keep our troops in Syria

Washington Post reported, "The US President Donald Trump has sent a letter to the members of the Congress saying that he agrees 100 percent to maintain a military presence in Syria."

A group of senators and bipartisan representatives asked Trump on February 22 to keep a small force in Syria.

NBC News, the text of the message sent by Trump on Tuesday to the members of the Congress and Washington Post got a copy of it shed the light on the United States' goals in Syria, "We seek to ensure that all the gains made in Syria would not be lost, as well as our gains against Iran, and that we strengthen our gains and ensure the best result in Geneva of US interests."

More than 2,000 IS' elements have been seized by SDF

The Wall Street Journal said, "The Syrian Democratic Forces captured some 2,000 IS' elements." According to the newspaper, this figure indicates at least double previous estimates and an obstacle to Trump's plans to withdraw US troops from Syria."

The newspaper added, "The new assessment increases the challenge represented by moving IS captured fighters to their origin countries, making it difficult for the US-led Coalition to end the operations in Syria even after controlling the last pocket of IS."



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