Trump terminates US relationship with WHO and threatens sanctions against China

On Friday, US President Donald Trump announced that his country would stop funding to the World Health Organization and end the US relationship with it, considering in a speech at the White House, that Chinese officials concealed the facts regarding what he described as the "Wuhan virus", referring to the novel Coronavirus. (Coved-19).

US President Trump has accused China of pressuring the WHO and misleading the world regarding the Coronavirus, which has resulted in huge human and economic losses worldwide.

In the context of the accusations Trump made against China, Trump said that China "violated intellectual property rights and the trade agreement", and that "it is treated as a developing country and benefits greatly from it," and accused it of "spying for years to steal American inventions," according to his description.

The US President stressed that his administration is in the process of imposing sanctions on Chinese officials linked to Hong Kong, against the background of Hong Kong's "National Security" Act, which was approved by the Chinese parliament, on Thursday.

Trump described the Chinese interventions in Hong Kong as violating the prior agreement with the United Kingdom on the principle of "one country, two systems," noting that his country will take steps regarding the worrying situation in Hong Kong, according to the description of the US President.

Trump announced that his country was ending Hong Kong's special treatment due to China's interference, hours after the Chinese parliament passed the "National Security" Act, which faces widespread protests in Hong Kong.

The American President had written in his tweet on Twitter, before the announcement of the press conference, the word "China", while he accused Twitter after addressing what he called "lies of China", in the context of his battle with the social networking site, That started a few days ago, after Trump's tweets, considered the site "misleading" and needed scrutiny.

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