Tunisia deploying its army on border with Libya, with infiltration attempts increasing

The Tunisian Defense Minister, Emad al-Hazqi, said that the dangerous and extraordinary situation in Libya and the large influx of mercenaries and weapons have made Tunisia to multiply caution and concern over the deployment of the national army along the border.

In his statement to the official Tunisia Africa news agency, al-Hazqi said that the concerns raised about the Tunisian border were due to "the exceptional and dangerous situation in Libya, which witnesses war and a large infiltration of mercenaries and weapons."

He explained that "this situation has made Tunisia multiply of caution and caution over the deployment of the national army along the border."

Al-Hazqi said that "an increase in the frequency of infiltration attempts is observed," stressing that "it will be addressed with full rigor and professionalism, especially since the border areas are military buffer zones, and the law allows the army to use all means to address such phenomena."

The minister said: "What awaits Tunisian citizens at the border is an understanding of the accuracy and seriousness of the situation, and not to further complicate it to avoid any events in the buffer zone."

Libya is going to hell at a time when Turkey continues to mobilize thousands of mercenaries to adventure the attack on Sirte and Jafra.

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