Tunisia opponent calls on EU to stop Erdogan's crimes

The Tunisian opponent and the head of Tunisia Salivation Front, Munzer Qaffirash has sent a letter to the European Parliament calling on it to intervene urgently to stop the crimes of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Qaffirash revealed in a special statement to our  agency that he explained in his letter "all the repression of the opposition in his country, as the number of detainees since the alleged coup  in Turkey has mounted about 400,000 political detainees. Where they are subjected to the torture and killed through no fault."

The head of Tunisia Salvation Front (TSF) noted that Erdogan has arbitrarily shut down dozens of opposition newspapers and channels while the EU has not moved to denounce Erdogan's repression.

"The Ottoman slayings of the Arab countries were also prolonged by the theft of Syrian oil and wheat," naming Erdogan a "Aleppo thief", saying that the latter "recruited terrorists to kill the Syrian people, especially the Kurds, and the victims reached tens of thousands of defenseless citizens." He said.

He noted that Erdogan was not satisfied with this, as he intervened with his impurity in Libya and sent his soldiers to support Al Sarraj's Brotherhood government, along with thousands of terrorists to destroy Libya and steal its oil.

Erdogan, who is also trying to undermine the stability of the Gulf states and Egypt, without the intervention of the Security Council and the European Union to stop this criminal who committed war crimes against humanity.

The head of Tunisia Salvation Front, Qaffirash, wondered when the world would wake up to try this terrorist as a war criminal?



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