Tunisian lawyer: Muslim Brotherhood suppresses voices rejecting their policies

Lawyer Hazem al-Kassouri, a Tunisian political scientist said that freedom of expression and peaceful protest is guaranteed by the constitution and international covenants, and he denounced the militarization of the Parliament and the intransigence of the Tunisian government, the Renaissance Movement which controls the Parliament to listen to the people's voice.

Hazem al-Kassouri explained in a special statement to our agency that "what is happening of the militarization of the Tunisian Parliament falls under the framework of the Brotherhood's oppressive policy to strike the free voices rejecting their failed policies that favor regional axes that have been involved in supporting terrorism and corruption."

The Tunisian political scientist pointed out that the militarization and sweeping of Turkish armored vehicles is a message to a people who wanted life, that "the Brotherhood is the makers of oppression and betrayal, and that their alleged democracy has revealed its true image."

Tunisian lawyer warned the government, President of Parliament, and the leader of the Renaissance Movement, Rached Ghannouchi, against mocking the legitimate demands of the Tunisian people and deviating power to strike freedom of expression and peaceful demonstration through the militarization of Bardo Square and the referral of young Tunisians to the courts.

Al-Kassouri added: "We reserve the right to defend our people by all national and international legal means to defend the people's right, and we call on the international community to assume its responsibility regarding the serious violations that are taking place in Tunisia at the time of the Brotherhood government and its guide, who hides behind the false democracy."

Since the morning, thousands of Tunisians have gathered in front of the Parliament which is holding a session in order to give confidence to the government amendment, at a time when security forces surrounded the Parliament building to prevent the demonstrators from reaching it.

The protesters are calling for a motion of no-confidence against the Speaker of Parliament, the leader of the Renaissance Movement, Rached Ghannouchi.



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