Tunisian parliament decides the fate of Ghannouchi today

Today, Thursday, the Tunisian parliament is holding a decisive session to hold a historic vote on the no-confidence list from its president, Rashid Ghannouchi.

The parliament session comes against the backdrop of a request made by several parliamentary blocs to withdraw confidence from Ghannouchi, due to his poor management of the parliament and his attempt to expand his powers at the expense of the President of the Republic, in addition to his suspicious moves to serve the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies abroad, who include Turkey and Qatar.

This session to which all attention will be directed will be crucial to Ghannouchi, who faces the risk of being expelled from the presidency of Parliament and ending his political career and his overwhelming presence on the scene since 2011, in a move that will represent a severe embarrassment for him and his party.

 Ennahda Movement has made strenuous efforts during the past hours to persuade MPs not to vote to withdraw confidence from Rashid al-Ghannushi, amid accusations from her opponents of providing material inducements and promises of important positions, in order to persuade them to withdraw their signatures on the list of no-confidence.

On the other hand, the blocs in favor of withdrawing confidence from Ghannouchi seek to mobilize their efforts to reach the necessary quorum to remove Ghannouchi from the leadership of the legislative institution (109 votes) by trying to attract independent deputies to its side and persuading the "Heart of Tunisia" bloc (27 seats) to join it, where This bloc has not yet clarified its position on the no-confidence vote, which will be crucial to Ghannouchi's survival or departure.

Ghannouchi was elected Speaker of the Tunisian Parliament on November 13, 2019 by 123 votes, and since taking office, he has been subjected to two sessions of accountability regarding his external movements in the vicinity of supportive and pro-Brotherhood states, during which the political crisis deepened and the circle of party disputes and conflicts expanded.



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