Tunisian president mandates the interior minister to form the new government

Tunisian President Qais Saeed, on Saturday evening, assigned the Minister of Interior Hisham al Mechichi to form a new government, to face enormous challenges to get the country out of an ongoing economic crisis and resolve political conflicts, as well as responding to the growing social demands and facing security challenges.

Saeed ignored the proposals of the political parties that nominated more than 10 names to head the next government and succeeded the resigned Prime Minister, Elias al-Fakhfakh, most notably former Minister of Development and Investment al-Fadil Abdul Kafi, and former Finance Minister Hakim bin Hamouda, according to the official news agency.

In addition, the constitution does not obligate the president to limit his choice to what the parties propose, and he can suggest the "best able person" to lead the government according to what he deems appropriate.

It is noteworthy that the new Prime Minister will have one month to form a government coalition from the parliament in which the "Ennahda" and "Heart of Tunisia" parties occupy the largest number of seats, and if he fails to form a government or gain the confidence of parliament (109 votes out of a total of 217), it becomes President Qais Saeed has the right to dissolve parliament and call new elections, as stipulated in Chapter 89 of the Constitution.

It is reported that al-Mishishi (46 years old) is an independent figure, he held the position of Minister of Interior in the government of Elias al-Fakhakh, and worked as a plan for a senior advisor to the President in charge of legal affairs, and holds a professorship in law and political science and a certificate of stamping studies at the senior stage of the National School of Administration in Tunisia , And a Master's in Public Administration from the National School of Management in Strasbourg, France.

He also held the plan of the Chief of the Divan of the Ministries of Women, Transport, Health and Social Affairs, and served as Director General of the National Agency for Health and Environmental Control of Products, and also worked as an auditor in the National Anti-Corruption Commission.



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