Turkey ... ongoing violations of prisoners

The Turkish state continues its practices and violations against detainees in its prisons, and this is confirmed by a report prepared by the Human Rights Association - Istanbul Branch.

The Human Rights Association - Istanbul Branch has prepared a report on violations against prisoners in the Marmara region of Turkey (which includes the states of Istanbul, Yalova, Bursa, and Tekir Dag) during the past three months, and the association confirmed the discovery of 2314 violations of prisoners, including ill-treatment and delay in the arrival of medicine, as well as the beating and torture of prisoners.

The association’s president in Istanbul, Gulsiran Uleri, confirmed that 187 prisoners from 25 prisons filed requests for violations, noting that April saw 533 violations recorded, 645 violations in May, and 1136 violations in June, according to Al Arabiya Network.

"We have received many requests from the prisons of Ktikirdag, Silvery and Maltbeh," Uleri said. "The requests we received were seeking to solve the problems of their owners, but as we have seen, violations have continued from month to month."

According to Uleri, the most prominent violations that the association has monitored relate to "public health, ill-treatment, abuse and abuse of prisoners, preventing interviews with their relatives, limiting phone use, temporarily prohibiting reading, psychological pressure, non-delivery of medicines to patients, and lack of information for the families of the prisoners about their condition, the lack of personal needs, and the failure to take adequate measures to reduce the spread of the Corona epidemic. "

Uleri indicated that these violations are only exposed through reaching some prisoners, stressing that the real situation is much worse.

She continued, "Threats, assaults and torture against prisoners continued for three months, and the arbitrary practices and violations against the prisoners reached their climax with the spread of the epidemic under the name of quarantine, as prison administrations abolished all social rights, and prohibited the meeting of prisoners with their families and their lawyer, and canceled referrals to hospitals."

The Istanbul Branch of the Human Rights Association called on the authorities to take action to avoid violations.

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