Turkey-backed mercenaries kidnap civilians, demand ransom

The mercenaries backed by the Turkish occupation army kidnapped 3 civilians from Shera and Mobata districts in Afrin and demanded their families a ransom for their release.

Kidnapping and killing in Afrin by the Turkish occupation army's mercenaries continues against civilians.

In this context, a source told ANHA that the occupation-backed mercenaries kidnapped the young man Azad Mohammed from the village of Marsawi belonging to Afrin's Shera district on Sunday. His family having inquired about about, they asked $ 15,000 ransom for his release.

While other sources from Mobata said that the mercenaries of the Turkish army kidnapped both Khalil Osman and Ahmad Nabi and took them to an unknown destination without knowing their fate.

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation have been kidnapped since the occupation of Afrin canton more than 3,000 civilians, fate of whom is unknown so far, while the Syrian Jurists to Defend Afrin Platform demanded earlier forming a fact-finding committee in Afrin and knowing the fate of the kidnapped.


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