Turkey bids to use ''Roj Peshmergha'' as another Trojan Horse

Homeland is the place where man is born, as it may be called nationalistic place, as this homeland occupies one's vision and soul privately, of course attachment to homeland is special, undoubtedly the place where man is born is highly evaluated, for so the concept of homeland and attachment to homeland is related to the responsibility people bear towards homeland. As the old proverb states ''east or west home is best'', everyone who says I am patriotic and I love my homeland ought to attach to it ought to defend himself against every species of attacks, ought to resist, ought to bear responsibility and abide by duties, and ought to make sacrifices dearly. 

At least 10,000 male and female youths made sacrifices for protection of Rojava and North Eastern Syria, in the most critical times against invaders attacks they never retreated. Those attached to home did not leave, did not say home is not safe or unclear, did not say let us  live like others. There has been families of which five members  joined forces to defend land, as other have three martyrs, in such hard times we undergo nothing is precious to spare for the sake of defending homeland.   

How could those fled home and never made sacrifices against occupiers in Sere Kaniye and other places to bargain on Rojava? Are those who took the side of occupiers and left their lands entitled to live on such lands that has been imbibed with the blood of thousands of martyrs? How for those never sacrificed a martyr to say we want to take part in Rojava on the basis of ''50-50''?

How people of Afrin would condone those were in agreement with the Turkish Occupation and collaborators with mercenary groups? Some people in Afrin saw how some members of the Kurdish National Council provided Turkish Occupation Army with Geographic Coordinate System of the sites held by  Peoples' Protection Units, and at the same time leading figures of some Kurdish parties affiliated to the Kurdish National Council such as Fu'ad Eliko and Ibrahim Biro were in talks with the Turkish Occupation, that were followed by statements praising actions carried out by Turkey in Afrin, and gave their support to the Turkish Occupation, saying:''  for the time being, six battalions attached to the Kurdish National Council are taking part in the war for the sake of Afrin liberation with the Turkish State'', as they used to allege that they would be given administration of Afrin after taking it over! The question that poses itself today what were those battalions and from where? Why they adopted treason and fought their own people? ENKS and Fu'ad Eliko ought to answer such questions. 


From another hand, Eliko said to ''Smart'' :'' due to the negotiations with the Turkish side, a closed room has being created between us the armed groups'', Eliko, member to the Political Council of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, stated that :'' local councils were made under the aegis of the Syrian Interim Government''.

From his part, on his appearance with members of the Syrian National Coalition coming from Istanbul in the midst of orchards of olive in Afrin  Abdullah Gedo stated to one of the Kurdish Channels in Basure that it had being decided lately members of the Political Committee of the Syrian National Coalition of whom members of the Kurdish National Council to operate in Azaz, AL-Bab, and Afrin, stressing :'' we represent the National Council in the Political Committee of the National Coalition, it is normal to proceed to abide by work in the alliance, our visit to Afrin was okayed by the council''. 

All people know that the so-called ''Roj Peshmergha'' is a Turkish project, that aims at Intra Kurdish fighting in Rojava, especially in this critical phase, to destabilize Rojava. Prior to the ISIS defeat the Turkish State created a military base in Ba'shiqa, exactly as the Popular Mobilization Forces was created by Iran the National Mobilization was formed by Turkey to serve it's agendas in the region, and they set up camps in which Turkomen of Tal Afar received training as well as those of Mosul and the Sunni Arabs and the Roj Peshmergha. After all means used by the Turkish State failed to the ground, it now endeavors to use the Roj Peshmergha as the Trojan Horse, in order to meet it's aims.     

Statements made by Mr. Aldar Xaleel and terming ''mercenaries'' of the Roj Peshmergha is not an exaggeration, rather a reality, of course evaluations and explanations are made on the bases on the ground as there have been clear evidences to that. Is there anything hidden?  We all remember former Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu went to Basur to visit Roj Peshmergha where he was welcomed heartily as he used to go to the Turkish military units to give them moral, and everything is on You Tube. Many times members of the Kurdish National Council met with the Syrian National Coalition headed by Nasr al-Hariri in Erbil, with Masud Barzani and Turkey to set their plots against Rojava.     


It was the Roj Peshmergha that attacked Xane Sor in Shengal, under Turkish directives. They fired bullets on the Guerrilla Fighters that were imploring them to retreat back as photos show that, and they?(Guerrilla) used to push their armored vehicles to deter a battle, but they never paid attention to the Guerrilla appeal, rather took the Turkish directives and fired at the Guerrilla Forces, and the journalist that was present filming, that led to martyrdom instantly.

 Undoubtedly, all these moves hinder the way to settle Kurds' internal issues, and impede the national unity, and it is not wise to hold talks with occupiers at the expense of martyrs sacrifices,  and one's expense, the aim of Turkey is Kurdish infighting. Kurds ought to unite and achieve their aims, whenever ENKS leave Turkey's hands, all internal issues would see solution.



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