Turkey challenges European countries and sends drones to GNA

Despite repeated international calls to stop interfering in Libyan affairs and stop arms exports in accordance with international decisions imposed for years, Al Arabiya reported that Turkey delivered 4 drones and sophisticated weapons to the Government of National Accord.

The sources also confirmed to the network that a Turkish cargo plane left al-Wattaya base heading to Turkey, and Turkish cargo planes usually unload their mercenaries at al-Wattaya air base in western Libya, according to Al-Arabiya network.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights announced, on Thursday, that Turkey had transferred a new batch of Syrian mercenaries to the Libyan territories, adding that this came within the framework of the continuation of the transfer of mercenaries carried out by Ankara from Syria to Libya to fight alongside GNA, as a new batch arrived. Week, its number is about 300 mercenaries, "Sultan Murad, al- Hamzat Division, and Sultan Suleiman Shah."

The statistics of the observatory indicate that the number of mercenaries who have gone to Libya so far has increased to about 17,300 of the Syrian nationality, including 350 under the age of 18.

He added that about six thousand mercenaries have returned to Syria, after the end of their contracts and taking their financial dues.

Ankara is accused by many Libyans of embracing a number of fleeing Libyan extremists, and it is also accused of providing financial support to Brotherhood-affiliated groups in the country.



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