​​​​​​​Turkey fights free media and militant women

The journalist Sor Gul Sheikho clarified that the Turkish authorities keeps fighting free media in general and the women media in particular. In her turn, Mona Abdul Salam, the administrator in Sara Organization, showed that the violations of the Turkish occupier and its mercenaries in the occupied areas against women are war crimes and crimes against humanity, Appealing on to women's and children's rights organizations to urgently intervene.

The Turkish authorities continue to suppress freedoms, unveil the reality of the deteriorating conditions in Turkey under the AKP's government and its President Erdogan. It diverts the attention of the people from that miserable reality and turn their attention to foreign wars fabricated by the Erdogan government.

For this purpose, the Turkish state's priorities are targeting the free and militant women, who are fighting for freedom and democratization. The Turkish authorities commit the most brutal immoral crimes against them, in an attempt to impose authoritarian domination on organized women and silence their voices.

The Turkish authorities launched several days arrest against women politicians, intellectuals, and women in the media and arrested them with their children to detention centers and prisons, among them a journalist at the Women's News Agency Jin-News.

In this regard, the journalist at the Women's News Agency Jin-News Sor Gul Sheikho indicated that the Turkish authorities issued an arrest order for 33 women working in the political, media and legal fields

She noted that in Diyarbakir, 22 people were arrested, including Aisha Gok Qan, a spokesperson for the Free Women Movement (TJA), and Aisha Gunay, spokeswoman for "Mesopotamia" news agency, and Banaire Glick and Halima Bayram, both members of the Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party in the local council of "Bagalar" of the aforementioned city. In addition to one of their fellow journalists working for the Women News Agency in northern Kurdistan.

Sor Gul pointed out: "This is not the first time that Turkey has targeted the media and arrested them without any mentionable reasons, except that they wanted to show the true face of what is happening in the country and share it with international public opinion."

She indicated that all forms of media are licensed. It is a moral and human duty that every media person should work to expose the falsehood of despotic governments, and reality of the region visually.

 She clarified that the Turkish authorities are known to fight the free media in general, which cares about women and their freedom in particular. They try to muffle every media outlet from revealing the truth of the fascist and colonial policies of the Turkish government.

She stressed that they follow in the media martyrs who sacrificed their lives in order to communicate the voice of their people to world public opinion, adding that: "Whatever it takes to show the truth, they will do it, even if it cost their life."

In the same context, member of the "Sara Organization for Combating Violence against Women" Mona Abdul Salam, told Hawar News Agency ANHA, Turkish occupation and their mercenaries crimes aim at spreading terror in the northeast of Syria, and hit the gains made by free women in Rojava in this sensitive stage."

Abd Salam described the crimes in the occupied territories as "war crimes and crimes against humanity."

Regarding the violations against political and media women who were arrested in Bakûr Kurdistan, Mona stressed that the Turkish government spread fear in the hearts of other women and try to prevent the emergence of freedom seeker women.

Mona Abdel Salam appealed to all organizations concerned with the rights of women and children to do their duty toward the Turkish authorities that pose a threat to their lives.

It is reported that international organizations, especially the United Nations, along with local human rights organizations in Turkey have revealed through documented reports about Erdogan's government violations in the field of human rights, and women.

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