Turkey gangs impose royalties on olive crops in occupied Afrin

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation impose royalties on the olive crop in occupied Afrin

As part of a series of crimes and continuous violations against the residents of occupied Afrin, and in conjunction with the people harvesting the olive crop, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation imposed royalties on the crop in the areas of Bulbul, Mobata and Shara.

In the Mobata district, the so-called "economic" committee of the Turkish occupation mercenaries imposed a financial sum of 55 thousand US dollars on the Mobata district of the olive crop, including the village of Mirkan about 10 thousand dollars.

In the Bulbul district, the mercenaries of the "Elite Army and Sultan Murad Division" imposed a royalty on olive owners at a rate of 10% of the crop, and on mill owners 25% of the production.

In the Shara district, the so-called “economic” committee has confiscated the properties of the displaced people of Afrin who are in al-Shahba canton and Europe, in addition to going on tours to impose proportions on the owners of olives and presses.

T/ Satt.


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