Turkey is betting on HTS in its aggression

Analysts said that Turkey is trying to lure Heyat Tahrir al-Sham's mercenaries (previously Jebhet al-Nusra) to push it to change its position on withdrawing from the so-called "demilitarized zone", betting on its participation in the occupation of north and east of Syria, while Paris breaks its silence about Turkish activities in France and demanded to address it.

On Monday morning, Arab newspapers touched upon to Turkish threats to occupy north and east of Syria.

Al-Arab: Is Turkey betting on HTS in its confrontation with the Kurds of Syria

In the Syrian context, the suspicious Turkish moves continue between the Idlib region and the north and east of Syria. "The conditional armistice agreement in Idlib reached between Russia, Turkey and Iran last week and supported by Damascus has led to a clear division among the militant and jihadi factions that control The northwestern province of Syria. "

The newspaper added: "The hardline factions fear being the victim of a Turkish-Russian-Iranian deal, under which they are preparing for a conflict that is not concerned with confronting the Kurds, especially after the statements of Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday that he decided to launch a military operation in eastern Euphrates and that he notified both Moscow and Washington."

Newspapers explained, "HTS, is coalition of jihadist organizations classified as mostly terrorist and led by Fatah al-Sham (formerly al-Nusra), it feels that the agreement was being basically targeted to its presence, Turkey appears to have been under Russian pressure to end its presence in the province, where HTS has extended its control over most of the province.

Analysts told the newspaper, "It is not unlikely that the agreement, which took place in the last round in Kazakhstan, is linked to Moscow's approval of the incursion of Ankara in northeastern Syria to hit the YPG, Erdogan's insistence on his country's intention to move ahead with its plan to target the Kurdish areas of control, "Erdogan said.

According to the newspaper, "Turkey has brought over the past few weeks huge military reinforcements on its border with Syria, and it is known that Ankara, despite the statements that seem defiant, but it cannot launch an operation without Russian or US approval."

"The same scenario could happen in Eastern al-Ghouta when Turkey facilitated the task of Damascus and Moscow to retake that area in exchange for turning a blind eye to its military intervention in Afrin, in the Aleppo countryside, which was then controlled by YPG," she said.

Experts say that "HTS feels that it will again be a victim of the Turkish-Russian consensus, and here comes its uncompromising stance on its refusal to leave the zone of reducing the escalation, implicitly criticizing Turkey."

The newspaper quoted observers "The refusal of HTS to withdraw from the zone of De-escalation would put it in a difficult position, where Turkey will relinquish of any agreement towards HTS, and analysts say that Ankara will provide incentives to HTS to change its position and may bet on to participate in the most important battle for it, which is East Euphrates. "

Al-Arab: Paris breaks its silence by addressing Turkey's religious activities

"Despite the recent denial by Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hamzi Aksoy of the opening of religious schools supported by his country's embassy in France - following a clear French rejection and a strong attack by the French education minister - the ruling Islamic Justice and Development Party (AKP) In Turkey, which has transformed the country's educational system from an open, tolerant secular system to a strict religious curriculum, it still insists on the mainstreaming of the experience of Turkish imams and preachers' schools in France, Germany and other EU countries, according to the Turkish Ahwal report.

The French press and the official authorities in Paris demanded the publication of truthful information on the truth of this issue, and to address the continuation of Turkish attempts by spreading religious education through mosques of the Justice Party.




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