Turkey is the biggest beneficiary of al-Bab events... Afrin demography change silently -1 -

Occupation, clashes, violations, malicious policies, all vocabulary is the tongue of the people in al-Shahba's occupied areas, especially in al-Bab city and its villages, the factional clashes continue under a Turkish silence translated on the ground with the existence of some other work and most importantly, demographic change Afrin.


After the occupation of al-Bab city on 24th of February 2017 after the conclusion of international and regional agreements between several parties, led by Russia and Turkey, which have agreed to replace the majority of the northern Aleppo countryside, where Russia allowed the government and army of the Turkish army occupy large parts of the northern and eastern Aleppo countryside and in any other sense the Turkish entry into Syria.

The plan to occupy Syrian territory by the Turkish occupation army was officially launched when Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan went to St. Petersburg city to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin - which is his first official visit to Russian territory after the fall of the Russian Sukhoi aircraft on November 24, November 2015 - to agree on the sale of Aleppo to the Russians in return of the control of the Turks on parts of the northern Aleppo countryside of the Syrian-Turkish border north to southern of al-Bab city and western of Azaz Izzaz to the borders of the western Manbij countryside east.

De- escalation areas met in the green buses

The Russian-Turkish agreements have had a clear impact on the ground and are gradually developing, the relations between NATO member Turkey and the anti-Russian alliance may indicate serious indications, Turkey's great desire to enter European Union and its internal crisis policy, especially after the July 15 coup and the agreements evolved to a new level of tactical interests by signing with the Iranians "Astana agreement" included in the agreement of de-escalation, which stipulates the establishment of four safe areas in Syria for six months to accept the extension is Idlib and eastern Gouta and parts from Homs countryside north and in the south of the Syrian provinces Daraa and al-Kunaytera.

The majority of the four areas that were areas of de-escalation of military operations were violent by the Syrian army and its allies, which was a secondary cause of the transfer of mercenaries and their families and civilians to areas in north Syria such as Jarablus, al-Bab and Afrin, the main reason was the sale of Turkey to Russia To Turkey to occupy Afrin and hit the democratic project in the area, while those areas had been agreed in advance that it will remain areas to de-escalation and without a clash!

Turkish- Russian agreements have caused the suffer of Syrian people

The continuous transport of green buses during the past year and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians are nothing more than a result of the Turkish-Russian games in the area to promote their interests in Syrian territory, the last of these games will take place in the northern Homs and southern Hama villages, Afrin and its villages will not go to Jarablus or Idlib, according to some local sources of the people of Homs northern countryside.

The negative repercussions of the Russian-Turkish tactical agreements have many dimensions, one of the dimensions that was clarified during the last week is al-Bab events, the popular revolt against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, and their rejection of their arbitrary behavior towards the people in general.

Handing and receipt of Jarablus is the best evidence

The city which is located strategically in North Syria and geographically close to the areas controlled by Syrian Democratic Forces and Syrian regime, has undergone many demographic changes over the past year through the housing of mercenaries and their families coming from different parts of the country, many factions have received direct military and logistical support by the Turkish army, which occupies the area in full, such as the factions of Ahrar al-Sharkiya and Thewar al-Gab and other factions.

With the start of Euphrates Shield operation to occupy the Syrian territory on 24 August 2016, which was approved by Russia, dozens of factions that handed over parts of the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo to Russia and the Syrian regime and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and stationed in some points with Jabhet al-Nusra (Haiyat Tahrer al-Sham now) in Idlib and its countryside with the support of the Turkish army to enter Jarablus city 125 km northeast of Aleppo without any fighting against ISIS.

Ahrar al-Sharkiya from looting Deir ez-Zor's oil to steal the goods of Afrin and al-Shahba

Ahrar al-Sharkiya, one of the largest factions operating between the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in the countryside of northern Aleppo, Afrin and Idlib, most of its gangs are members of the Arab tribes in Deir ez-Zor and southern al-Raqqa and al-Tabqa such as al-Shuitat and al-Eshara, and was known in 2014 as the Eastern Army and the East Shields, whom known as the Salafist Muslim Brotherhood during its full alliance with Jabhet al-Nusra, when they were trading oil at Deir ez-Zor.

After defeating al-Nusra and its withdrawing from east of Syria to the west and north, the tribal forces dispersed and became weak fragile, and became linked to all other forces in order to obtain a material return and fight ISIS who have done the massacre against al-Shuitat clan and killed 700 young people in August 2015, al-Shuitat clan's sons were in the operation room of the Turkish Euphrates Shield and the allies of the Syrian regime in Deir ez-Zor and two assistants of US Army in al-Tanef east of Syria and within Syrian Democratic Forces in north Syria at the same time !.

The faction consists of a group of justice, al-Sharkiya army and knights and battalions such al-Fohood, al-Abbas, al-Hasaka, al-Khatab and al-Kadesiya Shields.

Kidnapping displaced civilians on charges of "al-Dashana" for ransom

After the start of operations and activities in the areas of control of the Turkish occupation of the northern countryside of Aleppo, a new phase, the displacement continued to increase the number of fighters to reach about 4000 fighters deployed in a wide geographical area of ​​Jarablus east of Idlib West, and known theft and looting and the abduction of civilians to blackmail and demand ransom, especially al-Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor displaced, who accuse them of belonging to Daesh, if they did not comply with the faction's demands.

Permanent clashes and American blindness haterd

There is a strong hatred towards the American military in general, because it considers the US military one of the reasons for al-Shuitat massacre, because it did not bomb points of ISIS concentration in addition to the international alliance led by United States of America bombed the points of concentration of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham classified on the list of international terrorism every period, this hatred of the Americans is one of the reasons for their disagreement with the American trained al-Hamzah team.

The faction, is called the racist after writing it at the entrance to the southern city of Afrin, leading to Janders on one of the walls, "Deir ez-Zor welcomes you," considering Afrin their new country and that they will settle.

Differences between Turkmen and Arab Uzbek factions in al-Shahba

Al-Hamzah was one of the American-trained Turkmen factions formed on the twenty-third of April 2016, before the start of the four-month Euphrates shield, consisting of some priority and factions, included Turkey in June 2016 two months after the end of training by the Americans Samarkand Brigade, which calls itself the Special Forces, has good alliance relations with Sultan Murad and has been provided by the International Alliance after finishing its training with modern anti-armor missiles and many hamburgers, which was also used by it in its war against Afrin and its intermittent attacks on the western border of Mabij.

Turkey is trying to invest in the recent events that developed in al-Bab city between Al-Waki ​​family loyal to Ahrar al-Sham and Ahrar al- Sharkiya by trying to create a sectarian situation between the Arabs in the area and Turkmen to separate the Turkmen factions from the other factions and offer their support in a different way.

The liquidation of some factions and weakening of other

The liquidation operations will not target Ahrar al-Sharkiya only in case they occur in the near future, the liquidation operations will target all the factions indiscriminately by pushing them to fight among themselves, these clashes will lead to the final liquidation of some factions and weaken the victorious party, the forces are roughly equal in terms of heavy weapons, the full control is 100% for Turkey and its army.

Where the clashes last Sunday night between Sultan Murad and Sokour al-Jabal "mountain hawks" and other factions indicate that the Turkish plans to liquidate has begun to control of all without exception and may be the Turkish scheme by Russian orders to facilitate matters of the placement of control points in the countryside of northern Aleppo under discussions about the possibility of Russian army to put observation points in Afrin.

In the second part of our dossier we talk about the secret Turkish plans in the area and how Turkey conducts its policy in the area maliciously between the people and the benefits of these major factional clashes on Turkey with its army and government.




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