Turkey, its mercenaries want to obliterate cultural ID to N, E Syria, UNESCO must move quickly

The Culture Body in the Autonomous Administration called on UNESCO to move quickly to protect archaeological sites from looting and vandalism in areas occupied by the Turkish state and its mercenaries, expressing concern about the repetition of the Afrin scenario in the areas considered the most important archaeological areas in Syria.

 Aisha Al-Rajab, the co-chair of the Culture Body in the Autonomous Administration, made the remarks during a meeting with Hawar news ganecy (ANHA) correspondents to talk about the practices of the Turkish state and its mercenaries towards the archaeological sites in the area occupied by Turkey after the aggression launched on the 9th of October this year on the areas of "Ras Al-Ain, and Tal-Abyed.

Aisha said "The Turkish aggression against northern and eastern Syria was not confined to the safe population, but also violated the cultural identity of the territories it occupied in Ras al-Ain and Tel-Abyad."

"We do not rule out that these Turkish-backed mercenaries steal the antiquities there and sell them in Turkish territory as it did previously in the archaeological areas in the canton of Afrin after occupying it."

According to information obtained by correspondents of ANHA agency, where some of the archaeological sites have been taken as military headquarters by Turkey's mercenaries, and they worked to fortify it with earth mounds by using bulldozers, which threatens the demise of its real features, which is considered a blatant attack on the cultural heritage of Syria.

At the end of her statement, the co-chair of the Cultural Body appealed to the concerned authorities, especially UNESCO, to act quickly to protect and ensure the safety of these sites from looting and vandalism by the Turkish occupation's mercenaries as a cultural heritage of all peoples and not only that they are located in the areas of northern and eastern Syria.






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