Turkey must be held accountable for its violations, recruitment of children

The official spokesperson for the Women's Council in Manbij and its countryside stressed that the recruitment of Syrian children by the Turkish occupation is a "war crime", and called for Turkey to be held accountable for its practices and violations against the Syrian people and international laws.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and media reports revealed that the Turkish occupation recruited the minors of the Syrian people in the areas occupied by it, and sent them to Libya to fight alongside the Libyan Accord Government.

A new crime added to the criminal record of the Turkish regime, which is the recruitment of children for combat services considered by the Rome Charter as a "war crime", in addition to thousands of massacres and practices that are not related to humanity against the Syrian people, especially in the areas of Serêkaniyê, Afrin and Girê Spî in light of regional and international silence.

The official spokesperson for the Women's Council in Manbij city and its countryside Ebtisam Abdel Qader made clear to our agency (ANHA) that the violations of the Turkish occupation took place before the world which remains silent.

She continued: "The Turkish state, led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was not enough for what it did, but intends to stoke sedition in Syria to protect its interests."

Turkey exploits children

Ebtisam stressed that those children who were recruited by the Turkish occupation are supposed to live in their regions and country in safety and stability, continue their lives naturally, and try to complete their studies.

Ebtisam noted that due to the living crisis in Syria, thousands of the Syrian people were driven behind the plans, goals and ambitions of the foreign countries under slogans and speeches.

Ebtisam indicated that Erdogan presented temptations to the Syrian children and took advantage of their difficult living conditions for the sake of ambitions that he was seeking to achieve, placing them under his command and fighting to achieve his interests.

She added: "We want them to wake up from this nap and be convinced that Erdogan uses and exploits them in order to extend his influence."

The recruitment of children is a violation of international laws

Ebtisam pointed out that Erdogan's policy seemed clear to the whole world, whether in Syria, Libya, Armenia and even Greece, and his goal is to extend his influence, control and restore the Ottoman Sultanate through the domination of those areas.

Ebtisam noted that the recruitment of those children is a violation of international laws, and the international community and the United Nations must hold the Turkish state accountable for its practices.

Ebtisam Abdel Qader sent a message at the end of her speech to those children and asked them not to be drawn behind the goals and plans of the Turkish occupation and block the way in front of its endeavor to destroy and displace the peoples of the region. She said: "We want to be one hand and be cooperative in order to live in our country, Syria, with security, peace and stability."


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