​​​​​​​Turkey rejects requests to meet Ocalan for fear of his directives to people

Al-Shahba and Afrin’s politicians and intellectuals indicated that Turkey's refusal of requests to meet with the leader Ocalan is its fear of the leader's directives to the peoples, and they appealed to human rights organizations to work for the realization of his freedom.

Since August 7, 2019, the lawyers and the family of the leader Abdullah Ocalan have been reviewing the Public Prosecution in the Turkish city of Bursa for his visit, but the request is met with a refusal, as the last request of the lawyers was rejected by the Public Prosecution in the Turkish city of Bursa on the 31st of last January.

The politicians and intellectuals of al-Shahba and Afrin cantons condemned the isolation and the rejection of meeting requests in their conversation with our news agency, Hawar.

The politician Ahmed Suleiman said: "Since years, the Turkish state has been preventing the leader’s lawyer and relatives from meeting him. They want to break the will of the peoples. Their goals here have not been achieved in the result of the leader’s thought and philosophy spreading among the society."

He added: We are determined and we will not back down from our goal, and we will continue all activities until his liberation.

Ahmed Suleiman appealed to the international organizations and human rights and civil organizations to intervene to break the isolation, liberate the leader and hold Turkey accountable for that.

As for the politician Suleiman Jafar, he said: "The purpose of the Turkish state of isolation and prevention of meeting him is to get him away from his resisting people because it is afraid of his directives that the people interact with the leader, all his directions are correct from the first day of his arrest."

He continued: "The Turkish state sees the leader's lack of communication with the people as a reason to distribute its influence, so it tries by various means to marginalize him. It knows that the revolutions that take place in Kurdistan end with the arrest of their leader, but the leader Ocalan reversed that theory through his thought."

While the member of the Intellectuals Union Avindar Heftaroz noted, "This isolation imposed on the leader includes all peoples. If the world reads the messages of the leader to the people, fraternity of peoples, justice and freedom of life, he will reach a solution to crises and societal issues."

Heftaro appealed to human rights organizations to work for the freedom of the leader Abdullah Ocalan.


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