Turkey sells Afrin looted oil in Europe

The Turkish occupation exports the olive oil that it had plundered and forcibly taken from Afrin farmers as it paid them 17,000 SP and sell it in Europe for 110 euros for a tank, that makes 275 SP.

After the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries stole the olive oil in the occupied Afrin. it exports the looted oils to European countries and sell them through smuggling dealers.

According to private sources in Germany, Afrin oils is sold by Turkish merchants in European countries secretly through smuggling dealers especially "Spain, Bulgaria and Germany" and each tank of olive oil is sold at 110 euros, which is currently equivalent to 275 thousand Syrian pounds.

The source confirmed that the Turkish intelligence networks facilitate the entry of the oils, and help them sell it in secret to the Syrians in Europe with the mentioned price.

On the other hand, Afrin people confirmed that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries forced the remaining residents of Afrin to sell their crops to the merchants of Turkey and their mercenaries almost free of charge, as they paid for each tank 17 thousand Syrian pounds. This is considered theft in public from the people.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries threaten the owners of olive trees of Afrin canton in order to prepare them to receive the season prematurely to repeat the scenario of looting and theft.

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