Turkey sends Daesh from Syria, Iraq to Libya … officer reveals

A Libyan officer revealed that Turkey sent a large number of terrorists, including Daesh mercenaries, from Syria and Iraq to Libya by the ship "Amazon" to fight alongside the groups that control the capital Tripoli, along with ammunition, weapons and armored vehicles.

Colonel Abu Bakr al-Badri, a Libyan naval operations officer of the National Army led by Marshal Khalifa Haftar, revealed that the Turkish ship "Amazon" which docked a few days ago in the port of the capital city of Tripoli, was carrying large numbers of terrorists, including mercenaries of Daesh.

Al-Badri said in a press briefing published by al-Karama Operations Room in the western region, which was reported by the "Gateway to Africa News", that the shipment of armored vehicles, whose arrival at the armed groups of the government of al-Wefaq was announced, was to cover only the real cargo, which he said it was represented by "Terrorist attacks carried by Turkey from Syria and Iraq to Libya," in addition to the quantities of other weapons and ammunition provided by Turkey in support of the Muslim Brotherhood and armed groups in Tripoli.

The Turkish ship "Amazon" coming from the Turkish port of "Samson" was loaded with terrorists, weapons, ammunition and various military machineries, and arrived at the port of the capital Tripoli.

Pictures and video footages showed the moment of receiving the shipment by Katibet Liwa al-Semoud (al-Semoud Brigade Battalion) led by Salah Badi in preparation for an expanded operation, which al-Wefaq government is getting ready for to attack the Libyan army and prevent it from liberating the capital from terrorism.

The Libyan army later announced that it had imposed a naval embargo on ports in western Libya since Sunday evening, in a move aimed at preventing the arrival of arms and military supplies to armed militias in the capital Tripoli, after documenting the extension of support by several parties, including Turkey for the militias.





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