Turkey sends mercenaries to Bahdinan via Hewler Airport

Sources reported that Turkish occupation forces sends mercenaries to the Medya Self Defence Zones via Amman and the Hewler Airport in Southern Kurdistan.

According to the Roj News Agency as quoting political sources in Southern Kurdistan on condition of anonymity that the Turkish state is transferring mercenaries from Syria city of Idlib, Azerbaijan and Libya to the the Medya Self Defence Zones in Southern Kurdistan, adding that these mercenaries are transferred in planes via Amman to Hewler Airport and then to the Haji Omeran region in Soran and other areas in Bahdinan close to Duhok.

Sources added that mercenaries are being transferred from Hewler under Turkish Intelligence Services and officials in the Kurdistan Democratic Party,  as mercenaries are wearing uniform of the militants affiliated to Kurdistan Democratic Party noting that these includes Kurdish elements that were trained by the Turkish state.

Earlier it was reported that mercenaries were transferred to Bahdinan, echoing statements released by both Peoples; Defence Forces and Kurdistan Workers' Party of mercenaries are being sent to the area.



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