Turkey threats north, east of Syria again

Turkey has threatened once again, to occupy the northern and eastern regions of Syria, in an attempt to achieve its expansionist ambitions in the region.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Jawishoglu said at a press conference that his country had not reached an agreement with the United States on the so-called "safe zone" " in Syria.

"We have to reach an understanding on the safe area, we will do what we need if we do not reach an understanding," he said.

He said that Ankara and Washington did not agree on the depth of the safe area in Syria, nor the party to be controlled, according to the agency "Reuters".

Turkey insists on dominating northern and eastern Syria in an attempt to annex the region to Turkey. AKP sees the safe area as a way to achieve its dream. Turkey rejects the presence of international forces in this region because their presence prevents it from achieving its goals.

This is what happened in Afrin when Moscow opened the Syrian airspace to Turkish airliners to launch attacks on Afrin and opened the land border. United States and the international community condoned the attacks and massacres committed by Ankara in Afrin.



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