Turkey transports looted sumac of Afrin

Local sources said that the Turkish occupation stole about 500 tons of sumac crops in occupied Afrin and transferred it to Turkey.

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue to loot crops of occupied Afrin, including the sumac crop that the occupation transferred to Turkish territories.

Local sources told our agency correspondent that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries stole the sumac from the occupied Afrin region, that amounts to more than 500 tons, so far.

According to the same source, the stolen sumac season is owned by the displaced Afrin residents of Al-Shahba district.

While he noted that the mercenaries of the occupation are forcing some of the sumac farmers who stayed in Afrin to sell their crops at low prices, to sell them to the merchants at high prices to be transferred also to Turkish lands.

Where the kilogram of sumac is sold at a price of 4 thousand Syrian pounds, while farmers are forced to sell it at a price not exceeding 2500 Syrian pounds.

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