Turkey uses ISIS to threaten international security, demands to stop its blackmail

The head of the office of the Displaced and Refugees Affairs in the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria explained that what happened in Al-Hol camp proves Turkey's relationship with ISIS mercenaries that was the main crossing point for its entry into Syria, and a step to threaten international security, and said, "It is the responsibility of the international community to block Turkey's blackmail and the Turkish occupation. "

Since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis and the emergence of ISIS mercenaries and other radical mercenary groups, Turkey has endeavored in every way to support and benefit from terrorism in Syria, to pass its plans and agendas in the region.

Recently, the official Turkish media and spokesperson for the Justice and Development Party in Turkey revealed that Turkish intelligence managed to smuggle a Moldovan citizen and her 4 children from the families of ISIS mercenaries from Al-Hol camp.

Al-Hol camp that is located 45 km east of the city of AL-Hasakah, is one of the most dangerous camps in the world, because it houses more than 40 thousand ISIS women and their children, who entered the camp after the SDF defeated the terrorist organization on the last ISIS strongholds in Al-Baghuz in Deir ez-Zor countryside.

Top officials of the Turkey were receiving the Moldovan mother that is called Natalia Barkal and her family that that travelled in the accompany of her husband to Syria before 2013 and was smuggled with the help of the Turkish intelligence; all this proves that Turkey is the key supporter of the ISIS and the terrorist factions in Syria and other countries of the world.

What happened in Al-Hol camp is evidence of the strong Turkey- ISIS mercenaries relationship

The AANES issued a statement on July 17th, where it held Turkey responsible for smuggling and receiving ISIS mercenaries, and providing clear and hidden support for its cells deployed in the region, and hindering the efforts of the international coalition and the SDF in combating it.

"What Turkey did at al-Hol camp is not new to the Turkish state and ISIS mercenary cells, as it gives clear evidence of the strong relationship between the two sides," says Sheikhamus Ahmad, head of the Office of Displaced and Refugees in the AANES.

Turkey is the source of ISIS mercenaries

Since 2011 thousands of mercenaries entered into Syria through the official Turkish border gates and other roads. Most of them are foreign mercenaries who initially joined (Jabhat al-Nusra) and later to ISIS mercenaries after its announcement.

Ahmed explained that the Turkish state uses refugees and mercenary groups to threatens the international community and European countries "The Turkish state is the source of ISIS mercenary cells, Turkey is sending them to Libya, Armenia and all parts of the world."

The head of the External Relations Department, Abdel Karim Omar, during a meeting with the Hawar News Agency, considered that the recognition by the Turkish agencies of smuggling a Moldovan woman and 4 children was "solid evidence of her involvement in the relationship with ISIS mercenary cells."

Eliminating the autonomous administration and a democratic nation

Ahmed pointed out during his speech that "the Turkish state is the primary successor to build ISIS mercenaries that aim to eliminate the project of AANES and the project of the democratic nation. Therefore, it moves the ISIS mercenary cells and strengthens them and restructures them again in the regions of northeast Syria in general, and Al-Hol camp in particular, the mini-ISIS mercenaries state. "

The international community must stand up to Turkish plans

This direct support for ISIS mercenaries pose a threat on the security and stability of the entire world as well as northeast of Syria. The Turkish state blackmails all countries through these mercenary groups.

Turkey is currently using relief organizations to smuggle foreign ISIS women, and send them to European and other countries to target the peoples of those countries.

Security sources at Al-Hol camp told our agency that the so-called Turkish Humanitarian Relief and Human Rights and Freedoms (IHH) is operating under the guise of a charitable organization to smuggle ISIS women with foreign nationalities, use them as pressure cards, and send them to their countries, in a move that threatens European security because the majority of women are European women.

Security sources familiarized themselves with the ISIS confessions, noting that the money that reaches those who are trying to escape comes from Turkey through Turkish Turkmen ISIS organizing campaigns called "charity" in Turkey, and they collect the money with the aim of smuggling families who do not have a financial source.

Sheikhimos Ahmed, head of the Office for Displaced and Refugees Affairs stressed that it is the responsibility of the international community to stand up to this blackmail and the plans of the Turkish occupation and fulfill the promises it made, especially in the recent period, and added, "What Turkey is doing is a threat to the Arab and the world as a whole. "

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