​​​​​​​Turkey violates human rights in NE Syria: Chairman of Belgian Parliament CTC

The Chairman of the Counter-Terrorism Committee in the Belgian Parliament,Koen Metsu, said that Turkey violates human rights in northeast Syria (NES), and stressed that the international community should not turn a blind eye and acknowledge this, adding: "The Kurds are courageous, but they need support."

This came in a special statement by Metsu, Chairman of the Counter-Terrorism Committee in the Belgian Parliament, who is on a visit as part of a Belgian parliamentarians and representatives of civil society institutions delegate to the NES since last Friday.

Metsu told ANHA agency about his observations of the repercussions of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in the so-called "Syrian National Army" on NES, and the continued targeting of the region since October 9 last year, and the measures that the international community has to take to reduce their risks.

Metsu said in this context: "In the beginning, there must be international recognition of the fact that Turkey violations are totally unacceptable now in the couple of the days. "

Metsu indicated that there must be a European admission that what Turkey is doing is incorrect, stressing that Europe remains silent. He said, “We cannot turn blind eyes to Turkish violations of human rights and the region’s sovereignty.”

Metsu expressed his sympathy towards NES, singling out the Kurds, and affirming the need to extend a hand of support to the region, and said: “I am a nationalist, so I am sympathetic to the Kurds. On the other hand, it needs support to defeat terrorism. "

In his statement, Metsu called on the United States of America to convey to the Turkish side the need for Turkey to respect the sovereignty of neighboring countries, as well as demanding the international community to recognize violations of human rights in NES, and he said: “I know that the Kurds are courageous but they need to support and assistance. "

Metsu concluded his statement by referring to the urgent need to return the forcibly displaced under international sponsorship, and said: “I visited Washokani camp. More than 12,000 displaced people, Arabs and Kurds are living there, the only thing they want, is to go home! They deserve it. Everyone should work on that. "

A Belgian delegation that includes members of the Federal Parliament, Georges Dalmani and Quinn Metsu, Director of the International Association of Victims of Terrorism Philip Vanstetkiste, a member of the Association, Rudi Malek, and CEO of Child Focus, Sexually Exploited Children, Heidi de Paolo, visited the region since last Friday.

The delegation met with the Autonomous Administration and officials in the Syrian Democratic Council, in addition to its visit to a number of civil society institutions and camps for the displaced in NES.



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