Turkey's affiliated mercenaries kidnap youths in Afrin  

Mercenaries of Al-Hamzat Division backed by Turkish occupation forces have kidnapped 16 youths in Afrin, after their rejection to join their ranks and head to Azerbaijan to fight there.  

Turkey continues to prepare mercenaries to send them into battles between Azerbaijan and Armenia in Karabakh, where training centers of the Turkish intelligence to recruit and send them to fight.    

According to information obtained by ANHA's correspondent from a reliable source inside the occupied Afrin, mercenaries from the so-called Al-Hamzat Division force youths from Afrin to join their ranks and participate in fighting. 

The source conveyed that mercenaries have abducted 16 youths for their refusal to join them, and confiscated their mobile phones and amounts of money and took them into an unknown place. 

Adding that more than 400 youths refused to head to Azerbaijan and engage in their ranks, and face disturbances from mercenaries who threaten them with kidnapping and killing. 



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