Turkey's aspirations in Arab countries... Tragic past trying to come back again- HEVIDAR KHALED

Once he reached to power in Turkey in 2002, the regime's president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, tried to expand his influence in the region, turning his sights to the Arab states, taking advantage of their political and economic crises to fulfill their aspirations, forging close relations with the political parties of Islam, providing material and logistical support to them, and turning Turkey into a shelter for their activities and institutions, such as the Brotherhood and many other organizations.

Erdogan used to exploit the fragility of the situation in the Arab States and to seize the opportunities that enable him to achieve his goals in the neighbouring countries, even at the expense of their peoples, investing the religious tide in order to realize dreams of domination and domination of the Arab States.

After launching the popular movement in Syria, Erdogan tried to implement his aspirations and agendas, showing his sympathy with the Syrian people but in fact, the opposite, he sought to support the opposition that is represented by Coalition and many factions and terrorists to exploit them in implementing his malicious plans in occupying more Syrian lands, in which opened the door to support ISIS/ Daseh to enter Syrian lands to destabilizing the region.

In Iraq, the Turkish regime's intervention prompted several question signals, after it had concluded trade deals with the Governments of the Centre and the KRG, and security understandings that reinforced the presence of its army within Iraqi territory, in addition to his repeated violation of the country's sovereignty, his warplanes bombed on a daily basis areas of the Kurdistan region and the Shengal province, which he seeks to occupy at any cost, amid shameful silence by Baghdad and Erbil.

Turkey has used numerous papers to implement its plans in Iraq, including a dam-building paper that caused water shortages, which prompted Baghdad to negotiate with Ankara and make concessions in exchange for preserving Iraq that suffers from relentless drought.

Really, Erdogan initially exploited the plight of the Syrian people and the Libyan crisis and benefited from the political vacuum in Iraq, especially after the coming to power of al-Kazemi Government. He went to Somalia on the pretext of training Somali forces and consolidated his relations with former Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and some brotherhood parties such as the Reform Party in Yemen. Today, Turkey's name is present when talking about subversive agendas and external interventions that create problems and create chaos in several countries.

Of course, it is all in the service of his expansionist ambitions and control of the region and the restoration of the dream of the Ottoman Empire, which brought to the Arabs and peoples of the region nothing but looting, destruction, occupation and massacres. During their rule, the Ottomans committed humanitarian atrocities, killing thousands of Arabs in mass massacres. and shackle the bodies of their leaders in the streets, looted their homes and shops and mutilated the bodies of the dead. During 400 years of Ottoman rule in the Arab region, its inhabitants knew nothing but disasters and tragedies.

T/ Satt.