​​​​​​​Turkey's crimes and violations discussed at Swedish parliament

The swedish parliemnt hold today a meeting by the Democratic and Social parlimentarians  in order to uncover the Turkish occupation's use of chemical and internationally prohibited weapons in Seri Kania and Gire Spi in the northeast of Syria.

The meeting was held by the Social Democratic Party, parliamentarian, Kader Kaserka, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Political Parliament of the Swedish Parliament, Anders Austenberg,  and Dr. Abbas Mansouri, and was attended by dozens of political and civil institution representatives.

Dr. Abbas Mansouri first spoke about the attacks of the Turkish occupation state on the areas of northeastern Syria, and the use of chemical weapons.  On the other hand, he spoke about the resistance of the people and few potentials at the hospitals as the result of the imposed siege on the area.

It was followed by a sine vision show, which showed the situation of the injured as the result of  using of the forbidden weapons by the Turkish occupation, and how to treat them in the light of lack of potentials.

The meeting continued with asking and answering some questions. On how and how  Sweden state can help the wounded and provide support to the administration of northeastern Syria, MP, Anders Austenberg said: They will convey these topics to the meeting of the Swedish Parliament.



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