Turkey's gangs committing crimes against Afrin people, impose Islamic laws on them

Turkish occupation mercenaries are still continuing their abuses against Afrin people, on the one hand, they kidnap and rape women and loot civilians's properties and on the other hand, they seek to impose laws and Islamic laws on people, such as imposing to dress in "legitimate wear" on women and prevent them from going outside without “Mahram";a man of her family such as brother, father or husband.


According to local sources from inside Afrin city, confirmed that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries are now forcing the women in Afrin to wear the veil and baggy and clothing as imposed by IS gangs on the areas dominated by them.

The source stressed that mercenaries prohibit women from wearing trousers or going out without a hijab. They also forbid women to leave the house alone except with a "Mahram", a man of her family such as brother, father or husband.

Turkey's gangs practices are similar to (IS gangs /Daesh) practices in the areas that were occupied, on the one hand, they abduct and rape women and violate funds and honor of people, on the other hand, impose Islamic laws on women in an attempt to deceive the people and show themselves that they apply Islamic laws, and since the occupation and its mercenaries, Turkish army to Afrin canton documented dozens of cases of kidnapping, rape, murder, looting and theft of public and private property.

IS gangs did the same thing to areas dominated by them, called on the peoples of the Middle East and in particular the Yezidis, all in the name of the Islamic religion. On the one hand, they were forcing Yezidis to convert to Islam, and on the other hand, they were taking their wives as wives and selling them in the markets.

Now the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and its mercenaries are playing the remnants of "al-Qaeda" form (IS gangs /Daesh) and (al-Nusra Front/Jabhit–al-Nusra), who are operating under the name of the Free Army and attacking Afrin with the same methods. These practices reveal that the mindset of the AKP is the same as Daesh and Jabhit al-Nusra that conduct fascist approaches and methods against people.”



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