Turkey's gangs kidnapped 5 citizens from Afrin people

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries abducted 5 citizens of Afrin, and their fate is still unknown.

A source from the Shih area told our agency (ANHA) that al- Amshat mercenaries kidnapped yesterday 4 citizens of the village of Sennara in the district of Shia in Afrin canton.

The source obtained the names of the abducted persons: "Alloush Mohammed Jerko, Shivar Mustafa Saado, Zebar Ali Alo, Hanan Mohamed Ahmed."

According to another source from Mobata, the Turkish occupation army's gangs also kidnapped yesterday the citizen Hanan Mohammed Sheikh Sidi from the people of the village of Shekhotka of Mobata district.

Their fate remains unknown.



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