Turkey's gangs killed young man, kidnapped dozens among them girls

Turkish occupation army's mercenaries killed a young man in the center of the city of Afrin. They also kidnapped dozens of civilians, including 8 girls, and continued his inhumane violations and abuses against the elderly in Afrin.

As part of the immoral practices of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries to change the demographic of Afrin and to empty it of its indigenous population that affects civilians.

According to the information obtained by our agency, Hawar news agency (ANHA) from local sources, the mercenaries of Jabha al-Shamiyya belonging to the Turkish occupation army killed the young man "Huazan "could not know his full name" from the neighborhood of al-Ashrafieh in the center of the city of Afrin and kidnapped four others.

On the other hand, a source from Shia district said that the mercenaries of Liwa Waqas also kidnapped young man Shiya Aliko, 35, year old to an unknown destination

According to another source in from Shara district that al-Sham Sokour 's mercenaries kidnapped two young men from the village of SaarNjaki belonging to Shara district one of them Mustafa Kamal.

While sources from inside Afrin reported that one of the mercenary factions kidnapped eight girls from the center of Afrin canton, among them the young woman Erbil Hassan, 18, years old from the village of KfarDala Tahtani.

Our agency (ANHA) was able to communicate with the abducted family, who reported missing their daughter about 19 days ago, although the family mocked everything they had to look for small information to help them to find their daughter, but the family's attempts were threatened with death and slaughter by mercenaries.

In addition, mercenaries arrested the citizen, who is at 60 years from the village KafarDala Tahtani, and tied him behind an agricultural tractor and dragging him around the village without apparent reasons.

The sources pointed out that the condition of the citizen Abdul Rahman Hassan bad and dangerous because of the wounds inflicted on his body as a result of brutal torture, and he exists in one of the medical points of mercenaries that prevent anyone to meet even members of his family.

The source pointed out that the village KafarDala Tahtani witnessed the abduction of the two brothers Omar Khalo, 35, a singer in concerts and Mustapha Khalo ,30, years and works as a player on the machine Bezek.



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