Turkey's gangs looted Afrin people’s wheat crops

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries are still continuing to loot and steal property belonging to Afrin people. The mercenaries have harvested and stolen the wheat season’s crops belonging to Afrin people


According to the source, Turkey’s gangs had looted the wheat crops of Afrin people On 5 May, the mercenaries brought two crops to harvest crops in Shara's district villages belonging to Afrin canton and harvested about 50 hectares of agricultural land belonging to Afrin people.

Names of the landowners are:

The names of the landowners are:

1-Shukri Rasho Ibn Rashid

2-Emad Rasho Ibn Ibrahim

3-Khalil Rasho Ibn Rashid

4-Marwan Rasho Ibn Ibrahim

5-Shukri Hajj Izzat

6-Hassan Hajj Izzat

7-Fawzi Hajj Izzat

8-Muhammad Haj Ezzat

9-Jihad Rashou Ibn Fawzi

10-Rabia Rasho wife Fawzi Rasho



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