​​​​​​​Turkey’s gangs plan to transport agricultural crops to Turkey

A delegation of the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation state visited the so-called "National Coalition" occupied Girê Spî canton, in search of how to transfer the agricultural crops of the current season to Turkish territory.

A source from inside the occupied Girê Spî canton stated that the so-called Abd al-Ahad Astifu, a member of the so-called "National Coalition" affiliated with the Turkish occupation, and Abd al-Basit al-Wis, head of the Jazira and Euphrates Committee, visited the occupied Canton of Girê Spî yesterday, and met with members of the so-called "Local Tal Abyad Council.”

According to the same source, the two parties discussed planning to establish a mechanism for transporting agricultural crops for the current season from the province to the Turkish interior.

ANHA’s agency had documented, with video, the theft of the crops of the people of the occupied canton and their transfer to the Turkish interior, through the border gate, last year, amid the people's discontent and calling the mercenary leaders and members of the local Tal Abyad council "thieves."

It should be noted that the people of the occupied canton suffer from a permanent shortage of bread and its high prices, because the bakeries depend on the very small quantities of flour that are sent to them from Turkey, which controls their livelihood.

T/ Satt.


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