​​​​​​​Turkey's gangs uprooted thousands of olive trees in Afrin 

Violations by the Turkish occupation army of mercenaries against the people of Afrin canton continue, while a source from ANHA 's agency reported that the mercenaries have uprooted about 400 olive trees.

And a source from inside Afrin district stated to ANHA's correspondent that the mercenaries of the occupation uprooted a number of olive trees belonging to the people of Kafr Janna village in Shara district.

The same source said that a group of mercenaries, called Liwa Waqas, uprooted about 400 olive trees in the villages of Sennara and Heikha, in Shia district, some of which span more than 40 years.

The source stated that the trees that were cut belonged to each of: Hassan Sabry from the village of Sennara, 70 trees have been uprooted belong to him, Luqman Qaz Qali Dalu from the village of Hekijeh 50 trees, Mustafa Muhammad Hassan from Haikaga 40 trees, Walid Suleiman Ibrahim 100 trees, and Muhammad Suleiman Ibrahim Hekijeh village has 150 trees.

The occupation seeks to change the demography of the occupied territories by forcing the people to leave their homes and seize their properties. According to statistics of the Human Rights Organization in Afrin, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries have cut more than 10 thousand olive trees since its occupation of Afrin.



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